Children can use this template to compare and contrast working conditions in their country (answer sheet based on UK ) to the working conditions for. Can you list four jobs you may have had to do when working on a farm? How old is Florence? Why did Florence want to go to school? How many days of the week did. Depended on the job. A lot of workplaces took advantage of children with poor or no parents and used them in places where their small size was. Thousands of children worked in the city's factories, at coal mines and in the homes of the wealthy. Children were cheap to pay and could be bullied and forced. In Parliament passed a law stating that children working in factories must be given six half-days of schooling every week. In another law was passed.

Throughout the time frame of late s-early s, children worked long hours in dangerous factory conditions for very little wages. They were considered. In the s and 40s, many children labored in textile mills and coal mines, where working conditions often proved deadly. Girls as young as five went into. 7 dangerous jobs for children in the Victorian Era · 1. Chimney sweeps · 2. Piecers · 3. Mule scavengers · 4. Leech collectors · 5. Toshers (or "Sewer-hunters"). During the Victorian Age () children had an unhappy life. They worked hard to help their parents because families were very poor. They were often. Working in Victorian Scotland. Part of People Find out what working in these industries was like for men, women and children. jobs in the new mills. What was wrong with the working conditions for children during the Victorian times? • Children worked very long hours with little breaks and no fresh air. What kind of jobs did children do? · Children were much cheaper than adults as a factory owner did not have to pay them as much. · There were plenty of children. Students learn about a job for a child in the late sin Victorian England. In this lesson, pupils will find out about the different kinds of work that Victorian children undertook. Pupils will watch videos exploring work in mines. 8) Victorian children were expected to work long hours and for less money than adults. Seems unfair, right?! To make matters worse, the jobs were often. Children in poor families would have jobs that were best done by people who weren't very tall. They would have to crawl in small spaces in mines, or underneath.

The Factory Act - which prohibited kids under 9 from working and placed limitations on the hours other children could work - was passed. What were some popular child jobs in Victorian England? Most children who worked were only expected to work as shop assistants. You could. Some jobs that children did. Scarecrows • Children were employed as live scare crows to run up and down the fields all day chasing birds away so they didn't eat. Children from working class families. Children from rich families ; had few luxuries. ate poor food; worked long hours; lived in damp, filthy conditions. Many. The Victorians saw child labour as a normal part of working life. Most children started work underground when they were around eight years old. Many children had accidents or became ill or died because these jobs were so dangerous. Until the s children as young as five worked in underground. Many worked with their parents at home or in workshops, making matchboxes or sewing. Children could also earn a bit of money as chimney-sweeps, messengers or. Victorian Children's Jobs. Answer some simple questions to find out which job you could have been (un)lucky enough to have as a Victorian child. Will you be. The conditions for child laborers during the Victorian Era were terrible. Children often worked in the coal mines, factories, mills, or as chimney sweeps.

Pupils have to cut out the pictures and match them with the child's description of the job. All the pictures were found through Google. In the Victorian era, this work was mainly performed by teenage girls who worked in terrible conditions, often for between 12 and 16 hours a day with few breaks. There were no laws to protect working children. Page 3. What Jobs Did. Victorian Children Do? Children did various kinds. According to the official UK Parliament website, this first Act prohibited children younger than nine from working in cotton mills “with a maximum day of twelve. The coal mines were dark, making show more content One of those jobs was chimney sweeping, which had kids brush off the accumulated soot in the chimneys.

Children performed all sorts of jobs including working on machines in factories, selling newspapers on street corners, breaking up coal at the coal mines, and. Children's jobs and their risks. Chimney sweeping: Children were used because they were small enough to climb up crooked chimneys. They would choke on the dust. Each of these Victorian Children Jobs Posters contains a snippet of information about the work-life of kids in Victorian times, along with a big illustration.

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